It takes time, care, devotion, and sheer determination to get something beautiful. It’s not just some monotonous routine that a farmer follows, it’s a mother like dexterity that he bears with love to have the cotton flower borne and bloom. And it takes unparalleled craft to turn that flower into fabric; a fabric that is elegantly beautiful, yet strong and independent in statement; a fabric that complements the post modern woman of the 21st century.

Such is the story of Elif. We carry within our soul the ever-breath-taking  story of cultural heritage. After 50 long years in silk, we have stepped into the avenues of Lawn with the same commitment and devotion.

Elif has always stood firm in quality and sophistication. Our colours delineate our understanding of modern dressing styles, while our designs – print and embroidery – depict the fusion of our culture with modernism. Our philosophy is client satisfaction, in quality and in appearance. Our products are not just commodities to sell; they are the creations that took great care, devotion, and soulful touch  of nature.

It took us only 3 years (2017-2020) to establish a strong base and a noteworthy name in the national market of Lawn and her derivatives. Elif is not just a brand, but a bold fashion statement. Elif represents the women of the day, who are elegant and vehemently strong, independent, beautiful, and smart. Elif's step into the online world of business is just another attempt to show the world how strong and elegant Pakistani women are. Yes, Elif is available now, nationwide and beyond, through express delivery.

Join us to discover how beautiful you really are. Come and see what Elif sees in you – a strong, beautiful, independent woman.